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Introducing IVBCF Achievement Badges!

IVBCF Achievement Badges are a way to recognize and reward members for actively contributing to and participating in the IVBCF community. They can be earned by all members of the… [ Read more ]

IVBCF on smartphones

Using The IVBCF Site On Your Smartphone

The IVBCF website responds to being accessed on a smartphone or small tablet as if it were a native app, so you will find functionality is similar to other apps you… [ Read more ]



IVBCF’s annual Spring Fashion Show will be held at the Pechanga Casino and Resort in Temecula’s Wine Country on April 25, and this year’s show promises to be the biggest… [ Read more ]

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Fashion Week Temecula 2016

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How Satisfied are Your Needs by Your Relationship?

Human Needs and the Romantic Relationship In life, there is no more fulfilling relationship than that one with our intimate partner, right?  How did you answer that question?  Was it… [ Read more ]

Most Stylish Woman Award

Most Stylish Woman’s Confession

2015’s fashion show was amazing the talent,the performers all the models including the Bond men they were super fun and well dressed I believe they had as much fun walking… [ Read more ]


The Kalm Touch: Rejuvenating Dental Care

From the moment you walk through the doors of The Children’s Dental Practice one notices something different; something unique about this dental office. Children are playing on iPads, PlayStations, and… [ Read more ]

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