About Us

The Inland Valley Business and Community Foundation (IVBCF) is a California non-profit corporation that provides a platform for local business owners to engage, promote and support the development of each other's businesses while fostering goodwill in the local community.

It is a cooperative of local businesses designed to educate and enhance the operations of small business owners,  helping to provide a strategic plan of direction and build businesses on positive foundations.

As a benefit of being a non-profit organization IVBCF provide members a series of workshops and seminars.  Guest speakers and experts in their related fields are invite to step in and share their knowledge and expertise at no or greatly reduced cost.  IVBCF are currently looking for the services of a grant writer which would allow the acquisition of funds to pay for those guest speakers who are contractually unable to donate their time.

In other words, new members increase strength in areas of weakness.  This cross-training collective strengthens the individual business and ultimately the community.  IVBCF's goal is not to replace any chamber or networking organization.  It is to enhance and strengthen the individual areas that a small business needs the most.  They offer support for local business-to-business networking, community service, charitable work, and assist with strategic planning issues.

These programs encourages small businesses to become a positive role model for the benefit of the community.  They are a forum for networking, idea sharing, team building, coaching, and accountability.  Dedicated to the positive growth and development of one another through service, education, encouragement and edification.

In IVBCF effort to support local businesses they host mixers at various locations.  This provides a fun and relaxing opportunity for networking.  The IVBCF provides diverse positive benefits and great value to members and the community.

Mission Statement

The IVBCF is an inclusive organization of businesses, community organizations and community leaders, dedicated to the positive growth and development of one another and the community at large, through service, education, encouragement and edification of the organization's members, personnel and the community.

Core Values

The Mission of the IVBCF is accomplished through:

1.  A community of individuals with a passion for service, fun and mutual growth

2.  A family of business and community partners bound by values, ethics and mutual respect

3.  A cooperative and friendly team environment which promotes ongoing positive development of the businesses, individuals and community

4.  A resource of respected business and community leaders, sharing expertise and knowledge

5.  An accessible and inclusive organization providing diverse positive benefits and high value to members, staff and the community

6.  A creative, innovative unique and versatile association focused on member and community service, positive growth, camaraderie, fostering long-term relationships

7.  A highly organized and structured entity of trained, dedicated efficient personnel, dedicated to best practices in planning, performance, communications, service and leadership

8.  A participatory forum for networking, idea sharing, team building, coaching, accountability and service

IVBCF 5 Year Vision

By 2016, the IVBCF will be the primary and central community organization in Southwest Riverside County for connecting businesses, community groups, cultural organizations and educational institutions and will be perceived as:

  • The “Go To” organization to become connected in the community
  • The best resource center for education, training and networking
  • The core of the community
  • The organization that helps businesses by building the community
  • The organization that helps build the community by building businesses

The IVBCF will have its own offices, a support staff of capable, service oriented and community focused employees and volunteers.

The IVBCF will have its organizational structure, policies and procedures implemented and documented, and will help other communities by “franchising” its organizational mission, core values and its policies and procedures to charter IVBCF chapters.


City Endorsements

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