CG by Cynthia as a Business!!


Since I was a little girl I saw my mom sew, stitch, cut and pattern clothing, she is my number one influence. When I was 11 years old I came face to face for the first time with a SEVENTEEN magazine that my cousin had in her room.   I would open that magazine and see these amazing clothes and style that I only wish to be part of it. Those magazines male viagra online were treasures to me.

When I graduated from High School I decided I would be a psychologist. I got in the University and flunked all the classes because all I could think of was what I would wear to the sessions with my patients. I then got into Business school and couldn’t make it to the second month of the course because all I could think of was what would I wear to a business meeting. It was then obvious fashion was not around me anymore, but within me. I started sewing more – creating pieces of clothing for myself.

People would tell me how cute they were and how much they liked my clothes. Some of them had to have them. Finally in 2007 at the age of 24, I got into Fashion School. But schools don´t make designers, life does.

Quality, affordable, creative garments that can be worn every day. I love making jeans and purses that fit an active life style. I like innovation with a purpose. My purpose is that you make an impact and a statement in society with what you wear. To me Fashion is a form of expression, it is art. It´s my way of creating a world that may never exist if it wasn´t told with fabric – it’s my way of telling my view on an already existing world.

Every look I send down the runway tells a story. If I am ever to make a statement, it will be through clothes. Fashion always has something to say in the most effective language which is a non-spoken language. You know when someone is getting married because of that white dress; you know when someone has suffered a loss because of that black outfit. Fashion makes people transparent. I love Fashion because it has no borders, when you wear leggings anybody that sees you (no matter what language) understands leggings.