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    thoughts on “Business Owners

    1. Tara Martinez

      Insightful read Dale. My favorite part:
      Become an Asset
      By branding yourself, you become the asset and the product you market is your set of skills or services. Youโ€™re your own unique product and no one can take that away from you.
      Thank you for sharing,

    2. Nancy O'Neill

      I won’t be able to commit at this point. Got a call tonight that my mom broke her hip so between my sisters and I, we will be taking care of her. I’ll be in North Dakota starting next week.

      Have fun you guys!

    3. Amy Gibson-Mansfield

      Hi Ericka,

      I am in the process of building my home business here in Temecula and was hoping I could possibly be of service for this event. If you do not carry jewelry in your store and are looking for pieces to be worn for your fashion show, I would love to meet with you and bring some pieces along with catalogs for viewing so we can see what will work with your models and clothing choices. Please contact me to set up an appointment by reaching me at 951-491-4115. Thanks for your consideration.

    4. Pat Metzner

      We had a real good time the food was great set outside. We got to know each other as who we are and learn more about each others life. IVBCF Is a real good way of showing us the different businesses in all cities as nonprofit. I know would other wise never know of them . This truly helps us to see where we can help others and grow in ourselves. I’m really happy to be part of IVBCF and be with the wonderful people that make it happen. Thank you all Pat Metzner

    5. nicole farrell

      I d like to know if we need to show up on March Ist and 2nd both for the photo shoot at OMG fashion store. or is it a choice that we have. Since it says “call to make an appointment”, I was not sure Please let me know..
      Thank you in advance.
      Nicole Farrell

    6. Carmen Andino Webb

      We would like to be considered as one of your local businesses in your upcoming event fashion show. We carry high fashion women’s shoes, accessories and apparel, please visit our online store to view our assortment of ladies fashion . You can contact us via email at or Call Christine Kincey Creative Director & Director of Communications at
      Best regards

      Carmen Andino Webb
      CEO Le Rivinos’ s

    7. April Williams

      Hi my name is April and I was recently in Undefined Apparel. The owner was telling me about an up and coming fashion show at Pechanga Casino and ask me if I wanted to possibly walk in the show. I would really enjoy doing an event like this, so if its possible I would love some more info on the event.

    8. Corey Pantuso

      I just found out about this event from Chris York & I will be attending, but I will be raising the money this week so I will be a little late registering. I hope that is ok. This looks like it is going to be a blast so I am excited for the event.

    9. Jennifer Cartell

      Great job Chris and the IVBCF for all the great work. Thanks for keeping God in the picture. You’re right…without God nothing would be possible. Thanks for serving your country honorably and for helping Project Touch and Project SAFE—two really great non-profits in our community. Semper Fi!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      God Bless you all,

      Jennifer Cartell
      LCDR, MSC, USN-Ret

    10. Marsha Swanson

      See you there, I am bring my daughter JJ Swanson, she is the manager of Coldwell Banker Residental Brokerger, Murrieta

    11. Louise Fournier

      She has always been very couragous , I love my sister , one of the best person I know and a role model for me …love you Nicole
      From Canada

    12. Judy Waite

      The owner of Lemonchello’s, Kristin, is a very friendly person. Her staff is always very welcoming and helpful. Also, this is one of the very few businesses in the Inland Valley that I know of that employs several wonderful adults with developmental disabilities! I love the support this gives to our community!

    13. Mary Walker

      I absolutely love Kristin & Lemonchello’s! She & her staff are very engaging, warm & welcoming. It is a pleasure to shop there.

    14. Leticia DeLong

      Nicole Ferrel is a Wonderful leader, incredible stamina even after surviving cancer twice she manages to get around and do more for her community and friends. Her charm, beauty and hard work goes along way helping in every way she can. And she does it with Gusto, She’s Wonder Woman in our eyes she really deserves to win

    15. Julies Reeder

      Paul is an awesome guy. He’s hardworking. They Valley News staff is thankful for his leadership and tenacity. I’ve never heard Paul say we can’t do anything. He’s willing to do almost anything if it benefits deserving people or organizations in the community.

    16. Sally Wing

      The Shamrock has not only introduced a unique, one-of-a-kind dining & entertainment experience in Murrieta – it has impacted our community and initiated a wildly successful, community-wide celebration of all things Irish. The entire Murrieta & Temecula Valleys have been SHAMROCKED!

    17. Scott

      I would like to nominate the Shamrock for best business of year! There comment meant to communities, involvement and fun source of entertainment. Family is important to this business I cast my vote as many of good friends and neighbors in the community and surrounding areas.
      Scott waller

    18. Saraanne Guthrie

      Hello I would like to put my hand out for volunteering or working for the fashion show this year. I have experience working behind the scenes with the models, dressing, setting the stage up and making sure the models are dressed and in the line up they need to be in. my phone number is 858-925-4765. Thank you

    19. Chaz Dykes

      I plan to purchase tix to attend the April 25 fashion show event but it is not clear what benefit(s) does the “vip” ticket offer?
      Please advise.

    20. Sharyn Harbison

      Im thrilled to be attending this amazing event!!
      I am a local lifestyle Photographer that specializes in BoudoirPhotography…

      Im am looking forward to meeting some fun people to network with!!

      Sharyn ๐Ÿ™‚

    21. Julie Hart

      I am interesting in being a model in your upcoming Fashion Week. I was just in Fashion Week San Diego. Please let me know who I can contact.
      Thank you!