Fashion Show Experience

As an aspiring event coordinator, I was given the opportunity by Marie to page help coordinate a fashion show for Couture Fashion this year.  Being a novice in this field, I definitely would consider this opportunity a great learning experience from day one. I met many different people throughout this process, all of whom were very welcoming and supportive. 

 The best part of working on the fashion show was knowing that everyone who participated were fellow inland valley locals.  I saw students, parents, business women, instructors, and so forth, step out of their comfort zones to be transformed into fashion runway models.  It all started with posing for their magazine photo shoot, and on to strutting down the runway in their fashionable outfits. Not only did these ladies have some fun, but they were also given the opportunity to promote their business through IVBCF as well. 

 With any learning experience, there of course lies some challenges.  For me, the biggest challenge was trying to meet everyone's schedule.  To get a large group of people together, in one place at one time took a lot of collaborative effort, and this group pulled through to make everything work.  Everyone definitely did their best to fit in all of our meetings into their busy schedules.  

When it came down to the day of the show, the models were somewhat confused and anxious, but also very excited to walk down the runway.  Through the commotion and restless nerves arose a sense of encouragement and camraderie among all the women, which I found to be very endearing. They all gave each other pointers on how to walk, helped with their timing, and told each other how great they looked.  From then I realized that I was very fortunate to be in the company of great group of ladies, all lovely on the inside and out.  

One of the most valuable lessons learned from this experience is that you must be adaptable to change.  Last minute changes seem to be inevitable in the events industry, so you must always be as prepared as you can be, for what may or may not happen.  The best you can do is to just stay calm, positive, and act accordingly. 

 Working on this fashion show has helped me obtain a great deal of knowledge to further refine my skills for coordinating future events.  It was a pleasure meeting everyone I came across, and I am glad to have had this opportunity.