Webinar Presentation
  • Presenter(s):  Theodore Henderson
  • Description: 
    Size doesn’t matter. Cyber criminals are working overtime to find a way to get into your business easily and undetected. They’re trying to steal your money, your client data, and your intellectual property. Think you’re too small to be on their radar? Think again. There were a reported 1491 data security breaches (made public) in the United States over the last three years.
    Businesses collect ever-increasing amounts of personal information about clients, including account passwords; email addresses, and highly sensitive medical and financial information. Aggressive, well-funded, sophisticated hackers are looking to access and exploit a company’s most sensitive, confidential data. Learn sensible and cost effective approaches to protect your business and employees from cyber-crime.
    The discussion includes:
    • Proper ID of cyber-crime and data breaches
    • How to educate and train employees in security principles
    • How to shield information, computers, and networks from cyber attacks
    • How to establish a mobile device action plan
    • Data Privacy and Legal Exposure
    Theodore Henderson is a 20-year veteran of the technology business, an Amazon best selling author, Certified Social Media Security Professional Powered by CompTIA, and a Certified Leadership Coach. He is the author of the security e-book 30 Smart Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminals. Visit