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Aniya is a 19 year old young lady who was born in the capital of Florida which is called Tallahassee. She now lives in Southern California Because of her step dad being in the military and was stationed there for a few years. She has five siblings but only two of her brothers live with her. Over the first few months Aniya noticed how she became good at posing for pictures and taking many selfies it then became something special to her. She started posted them and friends would comment the name model or that she should become that. Aniya believed them. She always seen her life of being a model waking up to her makeup artist, taking millions of selfies, her fashion designer getting her perfect outfit prepared, and ready to leave in her nice bmw on the way to a photoshoot. People would compliment on her natural beauty and her nice body all of the time in person and over the internet her friends would always do it, specially at fashion shows or even nights when they would go out to eat she would have on something like a pair of glamorous high heels, jeans, and a fashionable top, her hair down, and her makeup looking gorgeous. Everyone usually always compliment her on her looks and she would have the biggest smile and thank you, she says that she loves whenever people tell her that they love her outfits it makes her put more together. Her mother would catch on to how she poses in pictures, makeup, her own unique style, and fashion. She is not this perfect person that everyone see her as. She refer herself of a strong young lady that has over came so many different struggles in her life. It would be times when people tried making her feel bad about herself or jealous female. Or that she was too short for modeling. There had been times when Aniya tried going to LA to different modeling events but she would have no way there so she would have to catch Lyft or an Uber ride that was over $100 because of her not having her own car. That wouldn’t stop her though. She would find much closer places to go to like agents in her area to talk with or modeling coaches to get taught by. She found it amazing how she learned different poses and ways to walk on a runway. Aniya always knew that she was different from other people such as her expensive Uber rides around or her wearing a pair of heels to go out for 30 minutes or to a friends birthday party. She would tell herself while looking in the mirror everyday “ your a super model. “ and would kiss the mirror. She knew there were people who didn’t believe in her and she always had many fans or people that was behind her on her dreams and her current success. Becoming a model has always been her dream and she will do anything to become that.

Aniya belford

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