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Did you know that 85% or more women are wearing the wrong size bra? If the answer is no, keep reading.

• Who am I?
I know the challenges of trying to find the right size bra. I am the President and Founder of Hope’s Chest, a bra and swimwear consulting company that helps women who want to feel sophisticated and confident every day.My goal is to help women eliminate the health hazards of improper bra fitting.

• Who I help and What I do
Women from all over the country and the world who have no idea how to find the right bra and get properly fitted come to me and my trained staff aka “chestologists” who are certified fitters and know every aspect of the bra and bra fitting for every body type.

At Hope’s Chest, women are properly fitted for the right bra and leave with a treasure chest of the right fitting bras and swim wear. My mission is to help women alleviate the back pain and other ailments that are a result of wearing an improperly fitted bra and to help women increase their self confidence and look and feel their best.

• What make’s Hope’s Chest different from shopping online or fine department stores?

Did you know that every bra has its only unique personality and that all bras are hand sewn? At Hope’s Chest, sizing is done the European way which is much more accurate and rarely used in retail, We specialize in fitting the European way.. With our unique measuring system that we developed, women receive the right size and proper fitting bra and swimsuit every at Hope’s Chest.

• Who we help:

Women who have had breast reduction or augmentation surgery or reconstructive surgery
Women with non-symmetrical breasts.
Women who are not sure if they are wearing the right size or fitting bra.or swimsuit
Women who want to look like they have lost weight or have a special occasion outfit and need the right support.

Visit http://www.hopeschest.com/pages/fittings to learn schedule your appointment.
Phone: 951-678-BRAS (2727)

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