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Business Coach and TEDx organizer

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MorrisonMcNabb and TEDxTemecula

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26442 Beckman Ct.

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My clients see extraordinary results by shifting the way the view themselves their work and the people and groups they work with. People work with me to learn the keys to and succeed at
– Managing time
– Acheiving work-life balance
– Managing growth
– Thinking bigger.

My goal is communities and organizations that thrive. From that, TEDxTemecula was born in 2012. We bring local innovators and thinkers to the stage once a year to share their ideas.

Who I am: I work with people to identify and articulate goals, projects and strategies that fulfill their business objectives. Together we identify obstacles to success and create a plan for working beyond them.

I stand for a world in which people are connected, compassionate and creative. In this world, anything is possible. My values are: reliability, leadership, commitment, compassion, integrity and harmony. My top five Strength Themes are Responsibility, Learner, Restorative, Communication and Input.

Experience – I have a diverse background that includes oil exploration, software development, corporate training and performance support, and land development. I am a former business owner and engineering office manager.

Education – I received a Master of Business Administration degree from San Diego State University, a Bachelor of Science degree (geology) from the University of the Pacific and did post-graduate work at California State University Northridge and Los Angeles.

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