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My Name is Lisseth Corrao, I was born Lima, Peru close to the beach and some of the best surfing spots in the area. The sun and an active lifestyle are deeply rooted in my early childhood.
My inspiration for fashion really comes from my grandmother. As a little girl I recall how she taught me to first sew and I watched her as she designed and created all different types of clothes for my mom, my aunt and my older sister at home while she also ran a retail business selling her own branded apparel and other merchandise. I remember going to the garment district where my grandmother would source the finest fabrics from Europe and the Far East. As little girl I began by designing clothes for dolls and sell them to the neighborhood kids. As I grew up, I started to design clothes for myself and my friends.
I started designing for a business about 10 years ago. My first line is a cotton ready to wear collection that sells in specialty retailers across the country. The cotton collection gives me the freedom to create dresses, blouses and skirts that flow freely and are as easy to wear along with your favorite resort as they are for dining alfresco and looking your best
My latest endeavor is my formal collection. I strive to create current and forward looking styles that will wow on the red carpet while still being accessible. I believe that high fashion and high quality is not just for the rich and famous, but for all ladies of style.
I am very much a woman’s woman. Today when I am creating something and I have a concept of what it is, I want a fabric that will perform in the way I need to create that kind of garment. For example if I am doing a gown for my formal collection, I want something that drapes really well but not too heavy. It has to have the right feel and be totally accessible. People will get something for the way the fabric feels the minute they touch it.
My favorite thing about fabric is its texture. I love different textures and the texture can become the inspiration for the creative process. I like silks, quaze, jackards , brocades. All of the things that have dimensions. For me fabric is the most interesting part of fashion really.
Now of course color is equally important. As a designer, I think about who is going to wear each piece. If I am making a dress for someone that wants a lot of attention, red works.
Certain people look good in certain colors, that’s the way it is. And as I said earlier I strive to have my line be very accessible.

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