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Marie Carole De La Cruz


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Axianta Financial Partners


Born and raised in France, Carole holds master’s degrees in both art history and French literature. Carole began a career managing art galleries in New York, which she continued when she relocated to Los Angeles in 1992, where she managed the prestigious Gallery Alexandre Leadouze in Beverly Hills with the partnership of Merv Griffin. When she decided to become a realtor, Carole brought her business acumen, people skills and aesthetic sensibility to her new profession. Now offering full-service, one stop financial and real estate shopping for your family. As economic challenges are growing, Carole has formed a partnership, to work with banking partners, affiliated insurance and investment companies. With a consulting, low-key educational approach, she is dedicated to help you develop a custom strategy to achieve your vision and solve business and financial problems. Integrity is of the utmost importance for her. She expects as much as her clients from her partners and herself and will strive to maintain your Trust and Satisfaction. She was the President of Los Angeles Accueil for 3 years and elected Counselor of France in 2014.These contacts and those she has developed overseas offer access to international clients and opportunities not otherwise available.

Marie Carole De La Cruz

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