Most Stylish Woman's Confession

2015's fashion show was amazing the talent,the performers all the models including the Bond men they were super fun and well dressed I believe they had as much fun walking their brides on the catwalk as the brides did being escorted. I know I did.   A new singer this year a young 19/20 yr old Steven Steel.  Wow what a beautiful voice, it was so unexpected and so powerful. Can't wait to hear more from Steven .

StevenNikolicAll the girls wearing dresses from Ann's classics were delightful to be with listening and sharing their stories while we were waiting backstage to go on. After the show we all exchanged numbers and shared photos of one another. What a lovely group of ladies, some modeling for the first time , and most of them (first timers) want to come back and do it again next year.

I also want to mention I was so thrilled to meet and fill in as a model for Hope of hopes chest and hope to be modeling for her in the future.

Not forgetting the red carpet photo experience. I'm sure the photographers had a blast so many gorgeous ladies and handsome men to be photographed. I want to say thank you to all of you for the pictures you took and also the videographers .

Won the Most Stylish Woman award too...


Looking forward to seeing the video of this years great show.!