New Understanding of Credit Card Processing

In today’s modern business environment credit card processing has become a necessity.  Unfortunately, the average business owner, sole-proprietor, and entrepreneur, having little experience or understanding of the credit card processing industry, often fall victim to unscrupulous salespeople representing unlicensed peddlers of credit card processing services.  The results can be devastating as new and small businesses can ill afford to lose or waste their profits.


Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. (AGMS) is a full-service, in-house payments provider proving everything from single-location countertop terminal processing to the most complex and sophisticated integrated multiple-location POS (Point-of-Sale) systems and wireless/mobile processing.  Founded in 2003 on the principles of honesty, integrity, and unprecedented customer support, AGMS achieved record-setting growth instantly by providing clients the best possible pricing and the most modern payment solutions designed for virtually every industry. 


Unlike the tens of thousands of other companies offering processing services that only work locally in small markets operated by either bankers or sales promoters, AGMS was developed by leaders in the marketing industry.  Incorporating their marketing expertise, AGMS began offering exclusive and patent-pending products and services designed to help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to strengthen customer loyalty, increase customer traffic, and increase total sales: resulting in increased profits for our clients.


It’s a little known fact that over 98% of all transactions are currently processed on platforms that were originally built back in the 1960‘s and early 1970‘s, and the vast majority of our competitors have no choice but to continue processing on them.  AGMS clients enjoy unprecedented  accuracy, efficiency, and security as their transactions are flawlessly processed on the most advanced 21st-century technology available! 


AGMS is the ONLY service provider that protects our clients from the onslaught of unnecessary rate increases, inflated charges, and superfluous fees.  AGMS is the ONLY service provider to monitor our clients transactions to ensure they do not incur unnecessary downgrades.  And, while service providers are stashing hundreds of millions of dollars in profits by charging PCI Compliance fees, AGMS is the ONLY service provider offering our clients a free online questionnaire to validate compliance and avoid those unnecessary charges!  


AGMS has continued to revolutionize the payment processing industry and, unlike our competitors, we do not outsource our customer service or technical support.  24-hours a day, 7-days a week, knowledgeable and skilled AGMS technicians are on-hand and ready to assist our clients with any issues that may arise.


You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!  Our company motto from the beginning has been: "Once a business works with AGMS, they will stay with AGMS because of our people, products, and service!"  For more information contact