Always Faithful

Semper Fi  is a creed that holds especially true for Marines, that in the discharge of their sworn duty to protect and defend the homeland it transcends even in the way they live and the way they deal with other people. “Always faithful” is what it means and whether you profess these words in order to remain true to your warrior ethos or as a firm resolve to the moral values you hold as an individual, this is something that is forever etched in a Marine’s heart like that of Chris York.

Chris took the unconventional route towards reaching his dreams and his life in the Marine Corps was something quite far fetched from a passion that he knew he’s always had in his heart. He was a career-warrior and would have certainly been well on his way to reaching the peak of his military career as a Sergeant Major. But as Chris would put it, that “nagging dream” of his never left his mind and after he started doing some modeling while in the Corps, he knew that he was going for it and may even continue on as an actor that will “allow him to do movies that will impact people’s lives in good and positive ways.”

He was honorably discharged in 2007 and immediately went to work, remaining true to the ideals of Honor, Courage, and Commitment that the Marine Corps instilled in him, and believing that as he pursued doing what he loves “nothing in this world could ever replace discipline and hard work.”

In less than a year following his discharge, he already found himself in his first feature film playing the role of Ryan on Frozen which was directed by Adam Green. He went on to appear on the set of 127 Hours with Danny Boyle and James Franco; on My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend with Daryn Tufts and Alyssa Milano; and on a number of projects more just to name a few. He is also currently working his way to earn an MBA degree from the University of Utah.

Chris soon found out about IVBCF’s annual spring fashion show at about the same time he learned that California has the highest number of homeless population in the entire nation. True to the ideal of service beyond self which made him join the Marine Corps, Chris immediately found a much deeper and meaningful purpose in modeling for IVBCF where the homeless and those in danger of becoming one will directly benefit from. And he’s been helping out in many ways since, in order to make the fashion show another big success this year.

Chris York

What perhaps started out as a faint calling turned out to be something that has truly defined Chris in recent years not just as a person but as an American who remains always faithful to the ideals that make America remain free. He is a living example that no matter what you do, be it in direct confrontation of the enemies of freedom and democracy or in a glamorous industry that seek to contribute in further strengthening the institutions that make our country great, as long as you put your heart into it with service and making a difference in mind, we are all capable of leaving a lasting impact in this world in ways that make it a lot better than we have found it.

One thought on “Always Faithful

  1. Jennifer Cartell

    Great job Chris and the IVBCF for all the great work. Thanks for keeping God in the picture. You’re right…without God nothing would be possible. Thanks for serving your country honorably and for helping Project Touch and Project SAFE—two really great non-profits in our community. Semper Fi!! 🙂

    God Bless you all,

    Jennifer Cartell
    LCDR, MSC, USN-Ret

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