Beauty Inside and Out

A lifelong equestrienne, mother of two, and possessing a drop-dead gorgeous face that’s seemingly frozen in time as if it stopped aging at 24, the same time she began turning heads with those long Caucasian legs strutting down the catwalk, Kelly Lenahan is the epitome of forever beautiful, both inside and out.

Starting out as a young accountant in her early twenties, Kelly began to recognize her passion and gift for modeling and strongly felt that it was something she’s always wanted to venture into. With a few classes here and there followed by a series of modeling commitments, she perfected different poses, learned how to walk, and went on to build a highly respectable modeling portfolio.

Kelly Lenahan
Professional Model
IVBCF Spring Fashion Show 2014

It was, however, a journey that was interrupted by life’s more meaningful moments other than modeling which brought her beautiful daughter into this world followed by her son several years later. She raises them quite exceptionally well and commits to be a significant influence in their lives, juggling between roles as a working and modeling mom and still finds time to be at her son’s baseball matches.

Kelly admits to have been a very shy person for most of her life but coming into her own in recent years, never exactly choosing to surrender the things of youth but continually turning them into graceful passion and wisdom, she emerges everyday a much improved version of herself that taking her for another gorgeous and professionally matured millennial would sometimes be an understatement. This actually led to land her a spot among the top thirty of the prestigious Wilhelmina 40+ Model Search back in 2011 against the thousands of women over forty who initially signed up for the contest!

She also appeared on FINE’s cover and editorial spread along with a host of published works with other different magazines; on news fashion segments of NBC 7’s Beauty Tips, Fox 6’s Summer Hair, KUSI 5’s Fashions for Less, HBO’s Entourage, Valley View Casino’s commercial; and had been on a number of fashion shows.

But for Kelly, modeling is more than just about wearing beautiful wardrobes and giving justice to the great talents that designed them. It is about “a woman’s expression of her femininity,” “an expression of herself” through the art of fashion. And this April, by being on IVBCF’s Spring Fashion Show, she’s also taking with her, her own expression of making a difference through the catwalk which is part of what drew her to the event because of how charities would benefit from it, something that she’s also excited about. She believes in modeling as a way to raise awareness and bring some of the world’s attention to Temecula’s fashion industry.

When asked about what she can share to the world that helps her remain the fine lady that she is: “It has a lot to do with being very, very young at heart,” she’d say, for Kelly is “still that small girl that loves her horse,” rides with her during her free time, and stays very active by working out at the gym five days a week. Living on a lake and running around with her dog also lets her appreciate every day and look at life in a very beautiful way.

More than anything else, however, Kelly models to be an example for all women especially those over forty, “to just embrace it, both their inner and outer beauty.” She believes in “going out there, love who you are, and don’t be afraid to call yourself beautiful.”

Kelly encourages women of all ages that “you can do this if it is a dream that you’ve always had; get out there and try it and live it.”

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