Congratulations to the IVBCF Award Winners!!!

The annual IVBCF Awards Celebration was established as the first official event following the organizational re-structuring process. Its intent was to:

  1. Present to the membership and the community the IVBCF’s Mission, Values and Vision,
  2. Recognize the best businesses, organizations and individuals in the community, as selected by the community,
  3. Provide recognition and appreciation for members and supporters of the IVBCF in a public setting,
  4. Provide a setting to promote the riches our area possesses in business, entertainment, community support and lifestyle to those both in the area and to those outside as well, and
  5. Provide an upscale, professional venue for members, businesses, community leaders and community organizations to network while having a lot of fun.

The Board established awards in the following categories: Business Person of the Year, Business of the Year, Educator of the Year, Community Organization of the Year and Community Leader of the Year. Nominations for each award are made by the public, both members and non-members of IVBCF, A list of qualifications for each award are set forth in the nomination announcement, and as nominations are received, points are awarded to each nominee for each criteria mentioned as having been met by the nominating correspondence. This counts for 50% of the final score.

The top four to six nominees in each award category are selected as finalists, and then each finalist is asked to provide a short video explaining who they are and the award for which they have been nominated. These videos, along with the list of finalists are published on the IVBCF web site and announced through social and print media, encouraging the public to vote for their choice in each category, and inviting them to provide additional testimonials about the nominees if they choose.

Once the voting is complete (usually a 30-day window), the results are tabulated and points are awarded to each nominee based on how they placed in the voting, The Board of Directors also reviews the nominating submissions and votes for their choice, independent of the public voting. The public vote and the Board vote each count for 25% of the final score. The nominee in each category with the highest total points is the winner. The trophies do not list the winners’ names because the winner is not known to anyone until a day or two before the announcement at the event, and the trophies are ordered two weeks ahead of the event. Once the winner is known, the winners’ video submissions are inserted into the already prepared event slide show for viewing by the audience when the award is presented.

The Founder’s Award is reserved only for an individual who has gone above and beyond in serving the IVBCF in some way, whether as a volunteer, supporter, committee member or Board member. This recipient is selected personally by the founder, Marie Waite, who also personally presents it each year. It is an award reflecting the deepest level of gratitude and honor for serving the community through serving IVBCF.

Congratulations to all the Winners!

The IVBCF has announced the following winners at the IVBCF Annual Business and Community Award Celebration on Dec 3, 2014 at Bear Creek Golf Club.



"George has an incredible heart and soul, I have a Non Profit that he has joined and supports so much like taking on our last Awareness Day for Drunk Driving he steps in and sees it to the end. He is an amazing business person balancing many jobs in community.He would give you the shirt off his back or anything else you need."

-Debra Breslin



"Great store, with quality merchandise at great prices. The staff is always kind and friendly. But one day, I popped into the store while school shoe shopping with my 13 year old granddaughter, since my daughter was in the hospital having had a Lupus induced episode. When the Lemonchello's owner found out about my daughter, she was compassionate and took a necklace straight off one of the racks and gave it to my granddaughter to give to her mother. It was not only really kind it was truly a special moment for both of us. You don't get that kind of attention and compassion at other stores. Love love love that store."

-Muriel Berry



"Mrs. Geason puts her whole heart and soul into her care for her students. She keeps up to date with current trends and financial assistance for colleges. She has passion for education and believes their is something "positive" in every student. Students really enjoy this Educator she has an amazing demeanor."

-Veloria Turner



"Paul has been an amazing example of what it means to support your local community. Paul desire to add value to the community reaches far beyond the typical day to day contribution to the community that many public servants do. He understands that that service to others is what matters most. He continually gives of his time and resources to help better the community, and never tires of wanting to help someone in need. Through Paul's leadership many people young and old have seen and felt the importance of giving back. Paul has shown all those who come into contact with the importance of developing strong bonds of friendship that act are the essential ingredient of a great community. It is without reservation that I nominate Paul Bandong as community leader of the year."

-Scott Huffman



"This organization not only save animals, they put forth a huge effort in the community to help others who are less fortunate. Thy provide riding for handicap kids and horses for therapeutic purpose at the ranch. Tremendous organization with incredible leadership and integrity."

-John Cahill


Wendy Johnson

"The Founder’s award is given each year as an outward symbol of what true love of giving means to IVBCF. This award is given to an individual embodies the mission, values and vision of IVBCF; an individual who has made an amazing difference to the IVBCF, our members and our community. This is the third Founders award to be bestowed, and this year’s recipient continues the legacy of high quality, generous individuals selected for this highest of honors. The first recipient was given to Dr. Anthony Becerra in 2011, an early member who gave of his time and energy tirelessly to help with community events; the second recipient was Hans R. Monod De Froideville, another champion of community events, as well as a Board Member and VP of Membership for over 5 years. This year, it is such a great honor to give this award to a very special person who is currently one of our board members, and has been since IVBCF’s inception. The first time we had our business expo on a parking lot, not only she was there – in stifling heat on such a hot summer afternoon, she knew and saw my vision for IVBCF. She not only believed in me, she helped me encouraged people to support what was a new idea at that time.

Wendy Johnson has been a full-time realtor since before I even started my career in Real Estate. She and her husband have gone thru so many challenges in life but through it all she always managed to be there for me and for IVBCF.

Anytime that we struggle in getting anything, she always comes through for me. It has been said by some of you that I can sell sand to Arabs, because of how many of you say that you just couldn’t say no to me when I asked you to help IVBCF. But the true talent is not just a gift of interactive communication and positive influence with people to make things happen, it is genuinely caring for people and putting that caring into action. Wendy has a gold heart for helping people.

During the years of her participation with IVBCF, she has always managed to take on the things that really stress me out. She has such strong qualities of being patience and calm, which are the qualities with which I truly struggle.

Wendy has been a great asset to IVBCF. IVBCF would not be what it is today without her leadership, talents, valuable time and contributions.

This year’s Founders Award is proudly given with much gratitude to Wendy Johnson."

-Marie Waite

Congratulations to the following Voters

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Lerah McCallion
Teri Kostecki
Michelle Currey
Lauren Vaughn
Cecy Crary

Appreciation to the following Contributors

Silent Auction & Raffles:
Coach Sherry Winn

Professional Speakers:
Erick Cajigal - Grand Pacific Resorts
Dr. Ruth Bol - The Children Dental Practice
Diane Simones - Neighbors Newspaper
Paul Bandong - Valley News
Collin Rand - The Cuvee Club
Gillian Larson - Reality Rally

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Urban Talent Management - Chris York

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Steve Polacek
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Chris York
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Kelly Lenahan
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