Courage and Glamour

There may not be a direct relation in any form or manner between glamour and living on the edge, but Cristina Coria surely managed to intertwine the two at one point in her life: as a pretty and daring police officer who kept the Santa Monica public safe for fifteen years while becoming a technical consultant on Jennifer Lopez’s movie, “Angel Eyes.” She also appeared on E! Entertainment’s “Red Carpet Confidential,” on a Discovery Health Channel police rape awareness video, and MTV’s “Y2K Ball.”

 It was, however, after she was shot on the arm during a hostage crisis back in 2000 that brought her at a major turning point towards the entertainment spotlight.

 Even after being told that she will never regain full use of her arm following a reconstructive surgery, she managed to beat the odds and returned back to work in 2001 on full duty status and immediately joined her law enforcement buddies patrolling the streets of Santa Monica. It was at this time that even with such hardships in the line of duty, when she still managed to keep upbeat and to have a positive outlook in life despite a recent physical setback, that she was invited to try out for the Survivor: Cook Islands in 2006. She finished 14th after being voted out on Day 15 of the contest.

 Cristina became a popular reality TV celebrity from then on, appearing on shows and various interviews and went on to marry the man of her dreams in 2008 who is also a police officer and a Marine before he deployed to Iraq the same year.

Cristina Coria

 She then began supporting and putting up charity events, one of which was where she also met IVBCF’s Marie Waite at a breast cancer awareness event in Temecula in April of last year, 2013. You will see her again at the same event this April.

 She was also elated with the idea of how the Spring Fashion Show on the 26th of April will benefit Project Touch and Project S.A.F.E. and she quickly said yes to appear on the show! They recently did a casting and some fitting on the 29th so we’re now certain to be looking forward to her as she walks down the runway with the other great models!

 Cristina’s life story is an interesting and inspiring journey that it’s truly an honor to have her join us during the fashion show at the Pechanga Resort and Casino. You can actually find out more about her if you only try and google her name. She’s all over the web, for one, a testament to how great a woman she is.

 I, too, feel honored to have known and spoken to somebody whose courage in the face of adversity and dedication to public service and the common good didn’t stop after being medically retired from a career in law enforcement, but continues to benefit our communities and perhaps, through some indirect way, the world.

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