Within the past few weeks, Steve Matley, President of IVBCF, began a six-session series of lectures to the business students at Vista Murrieta High School. There are about 30 students in class and all will join as IVBCF student members to participate in making real-world connections with local business professionals.

IVBCF Student Membership allows for business communication and employment opportunities for young business students.  Students who become IVBCF members will be given IVBCF website accounts with the ability to submit profiles highlighting individual skills pertaining to career goals. 

The establishment of relationships with business owners and professionals early in one’s career is meaningful on many levels:

  1. Help students acquire understandings of how to prepare for interview processes,
  2. Directly meet prospective employers in a venue outside of the job interview,
  3. Gain knowledge of the required skills on how to become the business owners themselves.

“This presentation was very inspirational and eye opening to me as a student. The presentation gave me a new perspective to look at business and how to manage a business.”   Dillon V.

Mr. Matley’s series entitled Establishing a Business Plan works as supplement to the standard curriculum outlined by state standards. In addition to the work of IVBCF, the Vista Business program, coordinated by David Flores, runs supplemental programs to ensure program relevance with local business opportunities.  

The Student Inventions portion of the course is an example of such innovation:

  1. Students brainstorm ideas of how to improve their world with tangible products. Examples include cooling devices for video games, dirt bike braking improvements, various cell phone apps, etc.
  2. Students research and hire manufactures for prototype and later product production. Money from a grant given by the California Teachers Association is used to incur related costs,
  3. Students learn to market and actually sell products via trade shows,
  4. In the past, local inventors as James Holmes of handleitcorp.com and Mike Cline of KANY Innovations have donated rights to sell their invention to help the program through community participation.

 The business program along with the Student Inventions portion is an elective offered primarily to seniors interested in business as a career or as a major in higher education. To keep instruction current and to involve expert participation, Steve Matley is currently introducing concepts on how to create a Mission and Vision statements as part of a Business plan. Additionally, as the semester progresses, he will introduce processes of a Strategic Planning for running a business at various stages. 

During the second semester, Social Media will be the primary focus of IVBCF supplementation. Founder Marie Waite will also work in conjunction with the standard business curriculum to introduce concepts of how to post information on Facebook, Twitter and other social mediums. These concepts are not taught in the business textbooks currently used.

IVBCF helps the community by building solid foundations with young business professionals, foundations that lead to success not only in terms of individual accomplishments but also success measured in terms of positive growth for entire communities.

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