IVBCF Involvement at Vista Murrieta High School

IVBCF Instructs
Business Classes at
Vista Murrieta High School

Beginning September 10th and throughout the 2013-2014 school year, IVBCF will help develop the business curriculum at Vista Murrieta High School by supplementing the lessons with guest classroom lectures.

The initial step was for all business students to become student members of IVBCF. Students are grateful at many levels that IVBCF made this possible. Opportunities for networking, in and of itself, provide excellent career opportunities for young people.

Additionally, in terms of six visitations in both the first and second semesters, IVBCF president Steve Matley and IVBCF founder Marie Waite are scheduled to provide current real-world business instruction to enhance the textbook and framework driven curriculum. Vista teacher David Flores is excited to include IVBCF this year.

“The textbooks used in class, Business Principles and Management, are required by the district and are consistent with state standards. They were however, published in 2004 and make no mention of current business standards or the need for social media instruction to prepare our students to actively participate in today’s business environment. For these reasons, the administration and I are excited to include the experiences of IVBCF.”

David Flores, Vista Murrieta High School Business Instructor


The suggested format of the curriculum supplement involves several components divided into two semesters:

  • In the first semester, Steve Matley will discuss components of establishing real world business plans to include visions and objectives as well as the establishment of organization and strategies.
  • In the second semester, Marie Waite will build on the foundations set by Steve and the standard class lessons to provide instruction on the practical use of social media to include current Facebook, Twitter and YouTube posts.

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