IVBCF Performers Bring Positive Impact to our Community!

Building our community is just as simple as having an understanding of the value of community itself and making it publicly known.  One of the things we neglect to recognize in our community is the existence of our young talented people.   They have the ability and potential to bring a significant positive impact in the growth of our community.    Their talents and energy can attract many people from different areas of life.  Business professionals and owners are constantly watching for market opportunities and whenever they see a demand or they recognize wherein much attention is centered, they move quickly to be a part of that group or location.  

IVBCF community events open up multiple and diverse opportunites for our talented young performers and singers who need exposure and an opportunity to build name recognition.   During our previous events, our talented young members of the community have supported our events and they, in turn, have benefitted from gaining opportunities to perform for other events and receiving a higher level of recognition within our area.


Leon Guico, who is a young singer of 14, performed at the IVBCF Spring Fashion Show & Art Exhibit last May 4, 2014 at Pechanga Resort & Casino. This event was very well attended by many business professionals and owners.  He amazed the audience with two perfectly executed songs and received tremendous audience feedback for his exceptional performance.  Watch his video (and prepare to be amazed as well):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4yew3EbtEk

Miriam Kim was another outstanding singer at this event and, since the event, has been in constant demand to perform in numerous other events.  Her clear, full voice filled the room and brought forth a thunderous applause. See Miriam’s video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krMzh8d1dDM

Jessica Idema performed at the Reality Rally 2012 where IVBCF Board Members heard her. She sang so gracefully and energetically, IVBCF immediately recognized her talent and asked her to participate at the Spring Fashion Show 2013. Her performance at the IVBCF Fashion Show and Art Exhibit was flawless; we hope to hear much more from her at our future events.

Check out the highlights of all three of our shining stars here:

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARakLT1essI

Stand Up Comedian

Taylor Tomlinson brought down the house when she performed at the IVBCF Spring Fashion Show and Art Exhibition. A young and exceedingly talented stand-up comedian, Taylor has donated her time to IVBCF for previous fund-raising events benefitting Birth Choice, where she performed alongside other great local comedians such as John Hill, Karen Robertson, Cory Clarke and Steve Matley .  This event attracted so many people that we exceeded the maximum capacity of the location.

Taylor’s performance at the IVBCF Spring Fashion Show event left the audience gasping for air and teary eyed. She was well received by everyone at that event and the positivie reviews just keep flowing in.  We will not be surprised to one day see her performing on television (I hope she remembers to invite us to the Emmy's).  She is a true jewel in our town and we definitely consider her a shining star. You can catch Taylor at many of the most prominent Comedy Clubs around southern California, or you can catch her right here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-wH9qd-N8c

To contact any of these young talents directly, see ivbcf.com

Promotional Videos provided by Ken Bennett of Video Adventures.   


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