Meet the Speakers at the Business Summit 2013!

Strategic Business Summit 
Thurs, Nov 7 2013 
Riverside Municipal Airport 
5:00pm- Reception 
6:30pm - Townhall Panel Q&A 


Amro Albanna

Chairman and CEO  

Innovation Economy Crowd (ieCrowd)  

Amro is the founding Chairman and CEO of Innovation Economy Crowd (ieCrowd). A passionate entrepreneur with close to two decades of experience successfully transforming innovations into stakeholder value, Amro also serves as ieCrowd's Chief Entrepreneur, serving as an advocate for democratizing the benefits of entrepreneurship and the creation of high-growth ventures.

 Amro's range of founder, co-founder, and public company leadership roles have all centered on the transformation of cutting-edge technologies into breakthrough market solutions, technologies, and applications with disruptive and positive market impact. Amro founded multiple start-up technology companies that cover a diverse array of innovations including an application service provider (ASP), forerunners to global positioning systems (GPS), first generation full-motion video game controllers, applications for entomology and diagnostic nanotechnology research, among others.



Rusty Bailey


City of Riverside 


Mayor William R. "Rusty" Bailey III is a born-and-raised Riversider. He graduated from West Point with a degree in political science in 1994 and went on to earn a Master's Degree in Public Policy from UCLA. He took office as the Ward 3 City Councilman on Dec 11, 2007 and served in that role until he took office as Mayor on Dec 11, 2012. A champion of responsible governance, Rusty will build on the special initiatives - Clean and Green, Sister Cities, business and higher education partnerships - that have made Riverside a model among Inland Empire cities. He is focused on making Riverside a vibrant, growing community; one which will be capable of providing the quality of life he believes his daughters and the next generation deserve. 



Mac Kern

Lead Officer Planning and Revenue Strategy 



As Lead Officer of Planning and Revenue Strategy, Kern is responsible for understanding Surf Air's applied business model and adapting it for optimal and efficient growth as the company expands. That includes growth modeling, network planning, product development, pricing strategy, data analytics, and revenue stream creation. Additionally, Kern is responsible for deciding where Surf Air flies, and how to expand its routes while remaining profitable.

 Prior to joining the Surf Air team, Kern spent two years at Virgin America where he first served as a Revenue Management Analyst, and later as a Senior Revenue Management Analyst. Kern's responsibilities included revenue generation, strategic marketing and partnership management. Before working at Virgin America, Kern volunteered in the Marketing and Brand Development department for ISTAT Airlink, a web-based non-profit linking non-governmental organizations with travel suppliers to facilitate transport of humanitarian resources. Kern attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a B.A. in International Relations and Economics.


Kathy Walsh

Managing Partner  

Business Waste Management 


Kathy Walsh is an entrepreneur with more than 35 years of business experience. Successful businesses in the past decade include a web development marketing firm, an online retail store which she sold in 2008, and her current venture as founder and Managing Director of Business Waste Management (BWM).  

 Kathy is a Certified Waste and Resource Consultant and a LEED Green Associate. She helps her clients significantly reduce waste expenses while helping them meet their sustainability goals. Kathy is the Sustainability Chair for the Los Angeles chapter of IFMA (International Facility Management Association), as well as a member and supporter of many sustainability organizations.


Garner L. Holt

Founder and President   

Garner Holt Productions, Inc  

Garner L. Holt is a native of San Bernardino, California where he founded Garner Holt Productions, Inc. in July 1977, at age 16. Two years earlier, a visit to Disneyland's "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" show, featuring an animatronic version of the 16th president, sparked Garner's lifelong fascination with the art and technology of animatronics. Following his early teenage years of creating simple animated figures and moving props for backyard haunted houses and school projects, Garner started his own company while still in high school, a fledgling business originally housed in his parent's garage. Garner Holt Productions, Inc. has since grown to over 60,000 square feet of design and manufacturing space spread throughout a three building, multi-acre creative campus and employs dozens of engineers, artists and technicians. Garner is the world's leading authority on animatronics history, technology, and emerging techniques.


Ben Ver Steeg

Co-Founder and VP Engineering   

TruTouch Technologies   


Ben Ver Steeg is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering at TruTouch Technologies.  At TruTouch, Ben led the technical team which invented, developed, and sold the world's first optical, noninvasive system for alcohol detection in humans.  The original system was recognized as one of Time Magazine's top inventions of 2006 and TruTouch has recently launched their 3rd generation platform into the workplace safety markets, the TruTouch 2500.

Ben is a native of the Riverside area and is committed to helping promote high technology industry in the local area.  He received his engineering degree from Harvey Mudd College and has 15 years experience working in the field of noninvasive optical diagnostics and tissue optics.

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