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“What do you do when you’re not designing?”

 “I’m designing.”

 Having been raised by a 1940s Vogue model who practically forged into her DNA everything there is about fashion, Camille Wood’s passion for this glamorous art has recently brought her back to the runway following a circuitous route that would have made her end up in another career, or simply continued accomplishing other things with her production company while putting on concerts in Scottsdale area.

 But as first love never dies, so they say, she rekindled this long overdue affair with fashion and proved that being too short for runway—standing proud at five-feet-two-inches—will not stop her from making her own mark and blazing the trail for a unique line of designs.

 It was when she was managing a 400-acre ranch that she fell in love with baseball caps and began designing them that suited her and her friends’ tastes. Baseball caps led to swimsuits which had been her launching pad while starting out and the rest is history.

 She just initially “found it hard to find something that’s exciting, adventurous, edgy but beautiful” for her age group; so she began designing to introduce her own take on fashion to cater to both younger and mature age groups that let them stay beautiful no matter what their age is. For example, accenting the shoulders and the (woman’s) back, those parts of the body that never age; hence, her own way of saving us from the ordinary.

 Camille is very focused to create her “designs and collections to be very beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, but always with class, and designed that even a woman over forty can wear.” What is also impressive about her designs is that they have become a hit with the younger age groups, women who range from eighteen years old up to late twenties and thirties!

 But most important of all, for the past three years, Camille has been doing what she does best and what she loves best, that even designing is her way to stay happy, fulfilled, and perhaps relatively stress free. Although one real escape for her is swing dancing—West Coast, East Coast, Jitterbug, and all that—she’s pretty much happily immersed on designing that for her, “shopping for some exciting fabric” is one great way to relax and “researching to see what’s going on in the fashion industry right now” is a form of recreation.

Camille Wood

 And so when IVBCF’s founder, Marie Waite, gave her a call to come to the Spring Fashion Show to be one of those judges for the “Best Dress of the Night” award, it may well be a great release for her, after all.

 Hers being one of those scrutinizing pair of eyes that will be on the lookout for the best dressed individual, it will not be necessarily about “what dress a woman’s wearing” but the entire package: How she accessorizes a beautiful dress, the shoes and more than that, “it’s the way a woman feels in that particular design.”

 She went on to explain that: “Look at what Lady Gaga can pull off. I mean, I wouldn’t go down the street with what Lady Gaga wears.” “But I look at her and I think, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s so amazing that she’s so confident in what she does!’ So I think it’s the self-confidence that comes through too...”

 For Camille “it’s the entire aura, the entire being of a person and not just what she has on.”

 So put on that best dress and beaming confidence and you will definitely catch Camille’s attention.

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