Old Traditions New Opportunities: City of Temecula

Temecula’s slogan of “Old Traditions and New Opportunities” is alive and well and has been a top priority since day one. Temecula has strived to create a future enriched with higher educational opportunities, maintaining the highest levels of public safety, expanded job growth, a wide variety of retail, food and entertainment opportunities, and keeping well maintained roads, landscaped medians, and beautiful parks are at the forefront of our efforts.  Community Special Events have become long time traditions that help to define who we are as a City and are important contributors to the high quality of life that our residents have come to know and love. The City has an experienced and long-standing team of professionals that serve the citizens and businesses of Temecula. The majority of employees live in the Temecula Valley and are deeply rooted in the community.

 City Manager

Led by City Manager Aaron Adams, the City Manager’s Office serves as the City's executive office responsible to the City Council for implementing their priorities and objectives to effectively deliver exceptional services, projects and programs to the citizens of Temecula. The City Manager Department provides organizational leadership to City staff and operations, oversees the preparation and administration of a balanced annual budget, and implements all City Council policies, as guided by the Quality of Life Master Plan (QLMP).

 Economic Development

The Economic Development Department serves as the Community Liaison and Business Ombudsman to the public and all community stakeholders. Maintaining a strong focus on job creation by business attraction and business retention is an important part of Economic Development. The Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange, a resource center and business incubator also focuses on growing local businesses. Economic Development also works closely with higher education institutions and creates/administers youth employment/intern programs for youth. 

 City Clerk

The mission of the City Clerk's Department under the direction of City Clerk Susan Jones is to serve as the Clerk to the Temecula City Council by managing, disseminating and maintaining the public records of the City Council; maintaining custody of the City Seal; authenticating official papers and instruments requiring certification; providing technical and clerical services for meetings; keeping all ordinances, resolutions, rules, and regulations for all City agencies; and conducting all elections for the City of Temecula in accordance with the City Municipal Code and the laws of the State.


The Finance Department led by Director Jennifer Hennessy, prepares the City’s   Operations & Capital Budgets along with the Five Year Forecasting. The Department also manages Police & Fire Contracts, maintains Operational Procedures / Policies, Risk Management, Revenue Management, and Financial Reporting.

 Community Services

Community Services led by Director Kevin Hawkins, provides a variety of programs that educate, entertain and enrich the community. The Community Services Department is dedicated to providing an award winning complement of recreational and cultural programs, community and human services and special events activities aimed at enhancing the high quality of life of our youth, adults, seniors and special needs population-- we create community through people, parks and programs. The History Museum, Children’s Museum and the Community Theater are all administered through Community Services. 

 Public Works

Public Works Director Greg Butler along with the entire Public Works Department provides quality services that support the infrastructure demands of the City of Temecula and enhance the safety, welfare and aesthetic environment of the residents, businesses and visitors. Public Works accomplishes this through the development and maintenance of City streets, sidewalks, traffic systems, bike lanes, parks, buildings, trails and drainage facilities; professional engineering oversight of public and private improvement projects; and implementation of erosion/sediment controls and storm water quality measures.

 Community Development

Community Development, under the direction of Patrick Richardson, is a multi-disciplinary department providing a range of planning and development services to citizens, elected officials, appointed boards, commissions, and City Departments. This is accomplished by promoting positive community and economic development within the City. Additionally, ensuring that all development is consistent with the Municipal and Building Codes, the goals of the community, life safety, and neighborhood preservation.

 During the past two decades, the City of Temecula has committed itself to quality and excellence in every facet of what we do, from policy decisions to development design standards, public infrastructure, and overall customer service.  Temecula has stayed focused on building a City that our citizens can be proud of! For more information on the City of Temecula, please contact Christine Damko, Economic Development Analyst at 951-693-3952 or Christine.damko@cityoftemecula.org.

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