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One of the goals of IVBCF is to see that members are actively participating and that they can present their business information accordingly. Members are encouraged to take leadership roles which ultimately help improve their skills on business presentation, marketing strategies, business connections and community relationships.

Specific roles were created and defined for managing the networking events and all members can sign up once a month:

1.  City Coordinator- This role is in charge of selecting the Location and the meeting coordinator for the month.           
            IVBCF Member Benefit:  Establish Business Relationship with the Community, Your Professional photo and business information will be included in the IVBCF Marketing Event Invitation to highlight your participation.

2.  Meeting Coordinator - This person leads the meeting, coordinates the business introductions, and manages the Q & A at the end of the meeting.
            IVBCF Member Benefit: 5 minute business introduction. Professional phot and business information will be included in the IVBCF Marketing Event Invitation to highlight your participation.

3.  Media Coordinator -  This person handles the photo shoot, video recording and social media posting.  Requirements for this position are to take a group photo shoot of all attendees with the Business Owner or Manager of the meeting location and video recording of the Business Owner/Manager during their presentation.  No special equipment or skill is needed; photos and video can be captured using a smart phone or digital camera. IVBCF members will need to be reminded to check-into Facebook and post comments about meeting location.  Photos and videos has to be posted to IVBCF Group in Facebook.
            IVBCF Member Benefit:  Increases Business Connections in Social Media and skills in Marketing.

This is the time to check your calendar and sign up for an available role. Available spots can be checked on the table below the sign-up form. Take charge and let's all bring IVBCF to the best level of networking. IVBCF is a group of business professionals that aspires to the best of everything. Let's all do it!

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IVBCF has scheduled the calendar events for April 2013:

Date / Type Meeting Coordinator Media Coordinator City  Coordinator Area
04/05/13 - Breakfast Networking  Tara Martinez   Marie Waite Landing Zone - Wildomar
04/12/13 - Lunch Networking  Nancy O'Neil   Marie Waite Tresino's - Wildomar
04/19/13 - Evening Mixer George Mills    Marie Waite Crivello's - Wildomar
04/26/13 - Business Tour/Educational Session  Jan Bates    Marie Waite City of Wildomar
05/10/13 - Breakfast Networking
05/17/13 - Lunch Networking        
05/24/13 - Evening Mixer        
05/31/13 - Business Educ. Tour        

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