Being natural with posing and having a great smile to boot brought Jessica Harris a step closer to her dreams in the career of modeling. Very recently, she began making this a reality and took it to the next level: Sharing her passion in this glamorous art to friends in school while making a difference in her community.

            As 2013 drew to a close, it was in November that she also crossed paths with IVBCF Founder, Marie Waite, during an evening fashion show hosted by Couture Fashion and in conjunction with IVBCF. She learned of IVBCF’s unique mission of bringing businesses and communities together and was right away excited to be of help in such a noble undertaking.

            Around two to three months ago with the help of a teacher from Great Oak High School, Ms. Brown, she formed a campus-recognized group which she named Models Inc. With a current membership of thirty-five—three of which are male high school teenagers—she brought together a group of young, highly motivated individuals with modeling aspirations who are not just looking to gain adequate modeling experience and build their portfolios, but also willing to sponsor businesses with a deep sense of community and charitable orientation.

            They do modeling for pretty much all there is in fashion for spring, sport chalet, bridal, and many more!

            Today, aside from being the newest student organization in their campus in Great Oak High School, they are also the first high school club to be a member of IVBCF and looking forward to more modeling opportunities for the communities in Inland Empire. They are now also registered in the IVBCF website complete with their own respective profiles where they also sign in their community hours and get certification for it. This also becomes part of their credentials which may be of help to them as they apply for scholarships or internships, allowing them to effectively pursue their dreams and later on make it in life.

            Jessica, like the rest of the members of Models Inc., is very outgoing and active in school. She excels in math, gymnastics, and is actively involved in their school’s Dance Team. She’s also a health buff, regularly working out at the gym and keeping a close eye on her nutrition. Although her foremost priority in life is getting into medical school in UCLA, she still does find time helping people out and that is being involved in IVBCF.

            Models Inc. also volunteers their help in any way it can be of best use to the Foundation.

            So far, very recently, they finished the latest of their three photo shoots which they did at the IVBCF President’s house with Cheri Wilson as the photographer. A video compilation has been produced for this purpose and it shall be presented during the upcoming IVBCF Fashion Show on the 26th of April where they will also be walking down the runway.

            Watch the video here!

            The Inland Valley Business Community Foundation is proud to have Jessica and her Models Inc. friends on board, a manifestation that our commitment to uplift both businesses and the communities they serve now resonates to the younger generations who will potentially carry on our work.


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