Tinseltown’s Fashion Judge

Marina Berberyan is a proud American of Armenian-Ukrainian descent and was raised in New York where she began to form her dreams and aspirations as early as sixteen years of age when she started acting and modeling and joining beauty pageants. She went on to become Ms. Jr. Teen New York in 1996 and not before long, she had her sights set on the fashion capital of the world, Hollywood.

Setting foot on Tinseltown has proven to be the kind of environment and atmosphere where she thrives and she’s scored success after success in an industry that not many people make it. She has come to be popularly known as LA’s Fashion Judge in recent years and styling for Hollywood’s stars and America’s rich and famous is basically what constitutes her typical day. Her talent and expertise are highly valued and sought after and her creations are frequently featured on TV and various media: E! Network, KTLA 5, USA Today, LAFashionweek.com, LA Fashion Magazine, Hollywood.com, and even internationally in England, Scotland, Russia, and Armenia just to name a few.

Marina Berberyan

Marina’s name may well be on her clients’ speed-dial, or big carpet events such as the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, and The International Palm Springs Festival may probably never happen in a year; they may perhaps be utterly incomplete if at all. Celebrities, socialites, and “private clients” love her “lows and highs trademark,” “pushing fashion boundaries for the sake of self-expression that results to the ultimate edgy street sophistication but still having that feminine elegance; combining high-end designer pieces with retail clothing and vintage ones but still maintaining an innovative, sensual, modern, and accessible image.”

Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Marina is also a fashion columnist for Hat Trick Magazine, an international magazine based in United Kingdom and a fashion journalist for LA Splash that has worldwide distribution and readership. She is also the ambassador and spokesperson for CPAP Store USA https://www.cpapstoreusa.com

Despite garnering an impressive high-profile list of rich-and-famous clients, Marina never forgets to look back and remains humble as she is young and beautiful. She firmly believes in helping other people and allowing them to hold on to their dreams and not be forced to abandon them just because of some unfortunate circumstance. She will be attending IVBCF’s Spring Fashion with this in mind as one of the judges for the Best Dress of the Night Award.

IVBCF Spring Fashion Show 2014 Judge

Marina owns her own charity organizations: Sima’s Wish which benefits the National Breast Cancer Association; and Kids Help Kids which benefits a number of schools and children’s hospitals. She also supports The Lancaster Opera House in New York annually, benefitting children’s summer projects and many others.

Although she has emerged to be one of the highly successful fashion divas of Hollywood, there is no denying that Marina understands how extremely challenging it is to break in to the world of fashion. She’s been there, done that, and overcome everything that was thrown at her.

She therefore agreed to come to Pechanga Resort and Casino on the 26th of April not just to meet new and up and coming fashion designers, but to also support them in ways she could and boost the fashion industry in our community by helping raise awareness about it.


Marina is truly that girl who loves clothes and styles them to make people feel great about themselves, yet in the midst of all the success and fame she found herself in which is indicative of her own passion, character, and hardwork, she also possesses the heart to spread her blessings through the community and empowering other American dreamers who, like her, remains faithful to the idea that it is only in America where your own version of success story can be possible.


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