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I got into 2017 Temecula Fashion Week 2 weeks before the show, a friend of mine recommended to Marie who i believed was the in charge of the event. Several private messages and emails later i was officially announced as one of the featured designer, I did not expect anything about the fashion week, my concern was to show a collection that is my "trademark"-costumes that are eco-friendly made from natural materials and indigenous from my country of birth, the Philippines and some pageant evening gowns.

The organizing committee was so honest about how TFW is run, and i was so gracious about it.

I was so overwhelmed about how things where run, i think it was organized and staff were so friendly and accommodating.

The show (2nd night) itself was on point though there were some flaws but i think its your 2nd year, so things can get better next year, if only more locals could have been involved in this event, the turn out could have been better.

But well done!

My suggestions are as follows:

1. Why not make Temecula Fashion Week as part of the Balloon and Wine Festivals, in that sense alot of potential audience and locals will see the show
2. Involved local community and business the elderly community specifically, these people love seeing fashion and would like to be entertain
3. Have a design competition for "would be designers" you just have to come up with a theme
4. Have some banners posted along a major street of Temecula a week before fashion week, in a way those who are not active on social media might be able to see the banners

Carl Andrada
Carmelo Designs

Temecula Fashion Week 2017


We really enjoyed participating in Temecula Fashion Week 2017, we had a lot of fun! Marie and her team have built an amazing support system for local designers & entrepreneurs. Fashion weeks in other major cities are a crossroads of inspiration for fashion, retail, and culture. It's exciting to see this kind of event happening in Temecula! We really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of Fashion Week Temecula 2017, and we look forward to watching this event grow in the future and to the exciting opportunities it can bring. (Photo Courtesy of HC Photography : http://www.hcprophoto.com )

Mission Accomplished!

Laura Paulson

I would like to express my gratitude to the IVBCF, Mercedes Benz, Temecula, Ann's Classic Affairs, the people of Temecula AND specifically Marie Waite and Stephen Matley for the wonderful opportunity to participate in Temecula Fashion Week! A lot of dedicated, talented people, i.e. Business professionals, organizers, retailers, designers, photographers, and models alike, participated to contribute their time and talents to promoting and expanding the fashion industry in the Temecula/Inland Valley area. Mission Accomplished! This stellar event was polished, professional, beautiful and a honor to model for... Thank you again!

Laura Paulson

Great Event!


It was a pleasure to attend the Temecula Fashion show. I participated in the opening dance for the show and it was very well organized and also a beautiful venue both evenings to watch the designer shows.

I look forward to next year!

Gennifer Mitchell
GennX Properties

2016 Temecula Fashion Week Celebrates Beauty, Talent, and Testimonial of Courage!


Wow, arrived early with model Bethany Brzezinski on opening night to a beautiful Leoness Cellars Winery in Temecula for "Fashion in the Vines Runway Show." Marie Waite, busy putting the final touches on the event venue, takes the time to make sure I get just the right seat for my newly broken ankle that week. The red carpet was buzzing with important Temecula guests and other supporters while Photographers including Scotty Moson and Rocky Forguson clicked away capturing guests, models before and after in their designer dresses and casual wear. I will cherish the pics of me with models sporting my polka dot dress with crutches! The Inland Valley Business Community Foundation, from the Leoness Cellar wine to the opening dance number, the two great singers, and especially the fabulous testimonial of healing from Chris York who is recovering from a horrific auto accident to get his dream of "one day walking down the catwalk again ... and get his speech back." Standing ovation erupted when Chris said a few words and walked the catwalk fulfilling his dream right in front of us all!!
My favorite activity was the hour I was asked to watch little baby Victoria whose parents were in the show; Pete and Gisela Sanchez first time parents have a little Diva who was perfectly behaved and will be ready soon for a future IVBCF Temecula Fashion Week. The designers were great, the hair and makeup including Tammy Carlson Greenwood whose pic of Bethany was breathtaking, as well as the vendors selling clothes and jewelry were great! Leoness wine tenders gave great advice on just the perfect wine; bought a bottle of white for my hubby. Bethany was asked to model another day for the Mercedes event and said it was magical; as magical as the elegant white lace gown she modeled! Great job IVBCF, Marie Waite, DJ, and all who made it perfect!

Bringing the spotlight to Temecula!


I had the pleasure of attending and photographing last weeks amazing Temecula Fashion Week! I've been to a number of fashion shows but by far, IVBCF has out done themselves. Bringing fashion, beauty, culture and community together at some of he most beautiful venues in Temecula, was an experience I hope to be part of in the years to come!

Veronica Jaramillo
Veronica Jaramillo Photography

Fashion Week 2016


Fashion Week 2016 was such a BLAST!!! I was so honored that Marie & Steve asked us to be a part of this years event as Red Carpet Interviewers. We are looking to be apart of Fashion Week for a long time to come. Marie & steve, keep up the good work no matter what challenges that you may face. These are the things that will make you stronger & better! #BeUplifted!!
#EDWIN (Every Day Win!!!)

Forget Milan, Paris and New York, Temecula is the place to be!

fr photo.jpg

Hats off and standing ovation to Marie and Steve for putting together such an amazing Fashion Week Temecula. The event at Leoness on Thursday night had it all, glamour, beauty, fun. It also had something you'd never have in Paris, Milan or New York, it had a sense of community, of belonging, and amazing emotion at the touching story of a hero. It was a fashion show in it's own right, make no mistake about it, everything about the creation and execution was flawless, and I can't wait for next year's Fashion Week.. Thank you again Marie and Steve, you guys did an amazing job!

Francois-Laurent Renet
Luxe Life

Building team relationships for the good of the community

Sam Headshot.jpeg

I couldn't be more honored and privileged to be a part of this amazing IVBCF event. What a production and so much fun! I was asked by Marie to choreograph the opening number for the show. So I taught a group of mortgage brokers, realtors (known as the "Finest Women in Real estate") oh and one plastic surgeon none of which had any dance experience. They did A-ma-zing!!! AND in a very short time. Take a look at their video.
I loved being a part of a team working for the community!
Thank you to Marie & Steve for a job so well done. You both are diamonds of this community!

Samantha Potter
The Ballroom Temecula

Portrait and family photography

self portrait.jpg

Fashion week Temecula was very well organized and planned. They had some great performers! It was not just fashion. Great venues. I am glad that I was invited to partisipate.

Robert ONeill
Robert Photos

Awesome production

Antonio Mendoza

I was honor and privilege to be asked by Marie Waite to be part of the opening act for the Temecula Fashion show. To be able to collaborate with other community business leaders in this production was priceless. I gained a profound appreciation for what Marie and her organization had to work on to put this production together. I am very grateful for the experience, and look forward to upcoming IVBCF events to come.


Antonio V. Mendoza
Mendoza Realty Group

awesome and motivating


I had the best experience of my life and I can't wait to come back. We traveled all the way from los Angeles and we would do it again .. I think your company is awesome and motivating!!

Britt j
team wc

Thank you, from the TEAM!

Lotis Britt Jazz.jpg

Thank you IVBCF! Fashion and fundraising all in one. What a great idea to raise money for kids, while at the same time bringing the community together for a fashion show. It makes giving back really fun, and oh-so-glam. Thanks for having us L.A. artists out to join you in your effort. We'll sing for you anytime! #TeamWC #WeCan #WestCoast feat. Britt J, Lotis Jackson

sociable, companionable, and fashionable people and events

899212_10207351675526893_966754953_o (2)

I had the pleasure of meeting Marie Waite while working at Loma Linda University Medical Center-Murrieta. She welcomed me into the IVBCF right away by allowing to participate in a photo shoot for the upcoming business bond fashion event in Temecula April 2015. There I also had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Matley and all the business bond leaders of Inland Valley and San Diego. I can not thank them enough as the IVBCF introduced me to a whole new class of style, etiquette, and people that have forever changed my life. I have connected with many mentors that have aided in my personal development and that are now my close friends. If you are considering becoming a member of the IVBCF I HIGHLY recommend in doing so. It is an excellent opportunity for networking, meeting high caliber individuals, and a decision you will not regret. It has helped in my personal development in many ways.

Any field you enter do yourself a favor and be a student to the game.

1. Be a student to the one above
2. Be a fellow traveler to the ones on your level
3. Be a teacher to the ones beneath you

I'm very appreciative to the IVBCF


Marie Waite & Stephen Matley for asking me to participate in their fashion show extravaganza. They set the standard of high end runway show for Inland Valley trying to bring a stylish panache to this affair. Loved how the atmosphere was elegantly dressed . The professional photographers & organized DJ orchestrated the rhythm of the fashion highlights bringing the crowd to raise their hands to cheer. You guys added the luxury brand of Aston Martin that brought a touch of class. I am privileged to join in this and it's already bringing blessings for me. I'm already collaborating with Stylist Whanda Madrid to sell my dresses to the public & have been asked to raise funds for St. Jude Hospital as their final designer at their charity Gala this month. Thank You!

Charmaine Joie Rodriguez
Charmaine Joie Couture

Thank You!


I loved being part of this event. From a designer's perspective, everything from lights, to runway, to the DJ was handled in such a beautiful and professional manner and I look forward to working with Marie and Stephen again who have hearts of gold and go out of their way to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Camille Wood

Prevent Animal Cruelty

Maria Rossing

Networking with style that ties in with charity purposes are the perfect combination for business leaders and everyone to attend. I had the greatest pleasure of attending the IVBCF 2015 Annual Fashion Shows event in Temecula. It was presented with so much class and style. I had a great time meeting with so many business leaders, new friends as well as enjoying the amazing fashion shows. I am very impressed with the entire production and it was very nice to see so many Mr. Bonds, as well as many beautiful ladies! Very refreshing!

I am also thrilled to know that 80% of the proceeds go to the IVBCF’s scholarship foundation, which benefit the community youth. I am proud to know you and looking forward to the next event that is similar to your first class style at the 2015 Annual Fashion Shows.

Thank you to all the photographers and everyone involved to have an incredible event.

Maria Rossing
Angels Against Animal Cruelty

Awesome Fashion Show!


Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of the fashion show. The event was very classy and professional. I had an awesome time and met some very inspirational people!

Great Fashion Show Event

admin-ajax (2)

This event was my first time dealing with IVCBF and found that they are a great team of business people with many great contacts. I was a vendor at the event and my daughter was a model. She had a great experience and met some great people to connect with and I did some business with my jewelry booth and made a few connections as well. Overall a great event! See you next year Marie!

Extraordinary Delivery...


I had the great pleasure of attending Saturday night's IVBCF event in Temecula and had a fantastic evening. As many people know, our law firm runs a non-profit called the Black Tie CEO Club, and as we host many events, we know the work this event took. The artistry and direction behind it was outstanding and frankly, one of the most fun events I have attended in the past four years.

Apart from a fashion show, very talented performers, a 2-part show, and of course wonderful and warm guests. Everyone credited Marie, even Stephen Matley, our wonderful host who made a first-class presentation for all of us to enjoy.

It was such a wonderful break from all of the events that simply provide you with a room and two bars and "here you are". Tickets to this event were easily worth $100 and I look forward to promoting your future events on my timeline because I like who you are and what you do.

Steven Riznuyk

Steven Riznyk
San Diego Biz Law



My first event with IVBCF was a blast. Airplanes, exotic cars, models, and local business leaders all dressed to kill! We had a great afternoon and were lucky enough to make some great contacts. Cant wait for the next event and thanks to everyone for making my team feel welcome.


Helping accomplish my dreams..


I need to thank for this amazing weekend and helping me accomplish my dreams, first being on the cover of a magazine to signing my first autograph and doing my first ...TV interview for Everyday Leaders.

I want to thank 'Marie Waite you are such an amazing woman and a role model for all who know you. None of this would be possible without you ma'am so Thank You.

I also need to thank Manny the photographer at Valley News, Cheri Wilson, and Lemonchellos for letting us use your store. Last but not least a huge thank you to Ken Bennett and Stephen Matley for conducting our awesome interview. Steve im bummed we didn't have enough time for you to show me around San Diego but ill be back in Sept sir "game on".

Inland Valley Business and Community Foundation is a great organization I am honored to be your spokes model and look forward to any opportunity with your help to change lives for the better. Through God all things are possible.

IVBCF is a great networking company


This was the first IVBCF fashion show Ive attended and I will say I was so honored. The clothes, the dresses, the designers, the performers, the models, hairdressers and make up artist and everyone involved in the production of this incredible event just made it worthwhile. I made some incredible contacts and friends and just Love Marie and Steve. They know exactly what it takes to help everyone network and get ahead. Great job and looking forward to the next event.

Cristina Coria
TV Celebrity - Survivor Cook Island


_DSC0211 Retouch 7x4.jpg

It was my 1st event for IVBCF I had a wonderful time. Great performance singers, dancers, model's. The designer's had gorgeous outfits. I wore this big black beautiful dress went beautiful with my red hair. Marie was very helpful throughout the show. She organize it very well.

Olivia Depuydt
Professional Model

Speed Networking

150x150 Avatar.jpg

Speed networking is by-far the best networking event model I have ever attended. Everyone was able to meet everyone else there and learn about each other's businesses. Amazing. I'll be back again to this event.

I was only disappointed that it ended to early.

Biography Help Experience


I was recently helped with my biography for the IVBCF spring fashion show. It was my first time ever doing a biography so I wasn't really sure what to write about. Marie Waite, the founder and CEO at Inland Valley Business and Community Foundation, read my original biography and said overall it was pretty good but that I was missing my accomplishments I've made in life. I was thinking about what to write for a while and then finally got it. I had a few ideas so I went back to my original biography and squeezed them in there to where it all made sense and was pretty good in my eyes. Marie then told me to contact Mark Payumo and ask him for help on my biography to help get it all organized. I contacted Mark and he was a lot of help. He helped me organize my biography, put it in paragraph form, and change a few words. By the time it was completely finished I was really proud of my first ever written biography thanks to Mark Payumo.

Makenna Mix
Student & Fashion Model

Table for 6


Thank you for including me in the round table tonight. I like the format. It provided a way of hearing enough about each business to get a clear idea of what it is. The comments for each person were thoughtful and helpful. This was time well spent. A very valuable experience.

Kris G. Rickard
Life Coach, Speaker

Table for 6

Founders Award:WENDY JOHNSON

The Table for 6 was truly a business life changing event for me! The synopsis of ideas I received has made me look at my business in a different light and helped me make decisions that I didn't realize that I needed to make. Thank you IVBCF for having this event.

Wendy Johnson

Working for the community


The Inland Valley Business Community Foundation continues to tirelessly fight for small business in our community. The Founder, Marie Waite, and the President, Steve Matley has build a platform for promoting and informing business owners and executives through various community activities and events. The IVBCF is a valuable gem in the Inland Empire.

Tony Russell
Founding Member
Mainstreetchamber-Temecula Valley


The Inland Valley Business Community Foundation continues to serve our region as a vital platform for promoting and bringing together essential economic and cultural entities for their mutual benefit and the enhancement of the greater community. IVBCF serves the community by connecting business, professional and educational groups with programs that inspire and uplift all concerned.

Kenneth C. Dickson
Attorney/ Adjunct Professor

Fashion Show Event Planning Experience


As an aspiring event coordinator, I was given the opportunity by Marie to help coordinate a fashion show for Couture Fashion this year. Being a novice in this field, I definitely would consider this opportunity a great learning experience from day one. I met many different people throughout this process, all of whom were very welcoming and supportive.

The best part of working on the fashion show was knowing that everyone who participated were fellow inland valley locals. I saw students, parents, business women, instructors, and so forth, step out of their comfort zones to be transformed into fashion runway models. It all started with posing for their magazine photo shoot, and on to strutting down the runway in their fashionable outfits. Not only did these ladies have some fun, but they were also given the opportunity to promote their business through IVBCF as well.

With any learning experience, there of course lies some challenges. For me, the biggest challenge was trying to meet everyone’s schedule. To get a large group of people together, in one place at one time took a lot of collaborative effort, and this group pulled through to make everything work. Everyone definitely did their best to fit in all of our meetings into their busy schedules.

When it came down to the day of the show, the models were somewhat confused and anxious, but also very excited to walk down the runway. Through the commotion and restless nerves arose a sense of encouragement and camraderie among all the women, which I found to be very endearing. They all gave each other pointers on how to walk, helped with their timing, and told each other how great they looked. From then I realized that I was very fortunate to be in the company of great group of ladies, all lovely on the inside and out

One of the most valuable lessons learned from this experience is that you must be adaptable to change.  Last minute changes seem to be inevitable in the events industry, so you must always be as prepared as you can be, for what may or may not happen.  The best you can do is to just stay calm, positive, and act accordingly. 

 Working on this fashion show has helped me obtain a great deal of knowledge to further refine my skills for coordinating future events.  It was a pleasure meeting everyone I came across, and I am glad to have had this opportunity. 

Jo Ann Vergara

Community events


We've participated in the IVBCF Spring and Fall Family Expos for many years. Each event is unique and displays the amount of effort put into the planning. They have included things ranging from a full orchestra to a fashion show. These events are easily affordable for all vendors and offer a great opportunity to become more visible in the community.

Money-Making Tips from IVBCF Luncheon


Those of us at the IVBCF luncheon at The Broken Yolk on Tuesday, October 11, 2013, were so fortunate to receive insightful, money-making tips from John Richardson, author, speaker and consultant, regarding internet searches, Google+, E-books and how to monetize the articles you are already writing about your business. John gave us timely, thought-provoking information for expanding our businesses and increasing our bottom line! Contact John at john@jwrichardson.com to learn about a new service he is offering. Thanks so much John!

Thanks to Pat Metzer, Felicia Petersen, Dena Lansford, Wendy Johnson, Dale Simmons and David Wilkinson. This was a high energy group and it was great to hear from everyone. Our thanks also to The Broken Yolk and owners Oscar and Jennifer Babb. They are dedicated to helping us grow our businesses and make every accommodation to ensure we have a cost-effective meeting place with delicious food and audiovisual support.

Looking forward to our next event!

Mr. Matley's Business Presentation


Mr. Matley's speech was very influential and motivational. This presentation really changed my aspect of Business and prepared me for what will come in the future. Jacob W

Jacob Williams

IVBCF where collaboration between community businesses is not just words but taken into full action!

S.Perez8x10_0016 (2).jpg

I am in full support of sustainable business plans. I believe it is what keeps small business owners doors open and communities growing. Businesses doing business inside their own community when ever possible instead of taking those dollars outside is a win-win model. This networking group assists in joint ventures, collaborations and helping businesses thrive.

Student Inventions


Steve Matley, President of IVBCF, is doing an ongoing series of business presentations at Vista Murrieta HIgh School as part of our Student Inventions program. On Tuesday, 9/10/13, he did an outstanding job on the Mission Statement portion of the program. Thanks Steve for the excellent work!

IVBCF Educational Tour with Project T.O.U.C.H.


I just attended one of the most touching educational tour meetings with IVBCF. The educational tour was gathering and learning information about project T.O.U.C.H (Together Our Unity Conquers Homelessness). Ann, the program director, has been helping the homeless for several years and with Project TOUCH they are able to help homeless families, single moms, single men and women, averaging over 100 people monthly including 30-40 children!

Project TOUCH responds to hundreds of calls monthly to provide appropriate resources and partners with social services, mental health services, and many other community outreach programs. They offer transitional housing and permanent supportive housing for the homeless. Their apartments are run by volunteers. They are in need of mentors, financial support, and many other household goods.

It is amazing the work that is put in to run such an organization. It was an eye opening experience for me and I love seeing how a community can come together to truly care for those people who are in need to getting their life back in order.

Thank you Project TOUCH for all you do! Thank you for opening your doors so that I could learn more about the people you save each and every day!

IVBCF is for Everyone!


Networking is sometimes difficult to do on a regular basis. Meeting new people, going to unknown places and listening to stories you don’t really care about is boring and way outside of the comfort zone for some people. However, the IVBCF is different in every way and it is an inviting group of like-minded business professionals waiting to help your business or organization.

Lunches, mixers and award celebrations are all part of the IVBCF as it promotes community involvement and Success. Many people gladly share their success stories and are willing to give great advice to new businesses and those looking to improve themselves. Friends are made and contacts abound as everyone looks for common goals.

Personally, I have been with the IVBCF for many years and have grown my business but more importantly myself. With the education provided, I have improved my thought process and problem solving skills to apply them to real world situations in my business.

IVBCF is for everyone and what you give to it, you will get out of it.
See you soon,

Brian Walker
Rilynn Company Inc

Networking is everything!

Golden Apple Web Design

The IVBCF is exactly the kind of organization that business owners and entrepreneurs alike should flock to for building the valuable networks and relationships necessary for success in their community. Highly recommended!


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