Why attend the Strategic Business Summit 2013?

Business Growth is the topic at the Strategic Business Summit 2013. You’ll have opportunity to speak to business leaders who are doing "it". Everything from crowd funding, angel investors, IPOs, taking products to market to expanding into unlikely markets to grow when others fail.

No matter what your service or product (unless it is strictly retail and no online ordering) this type of event has opportunity. These are the people who have money and growing businesses that will spend their money on other services and products.

Bus 101, learn how to see the potential client in everyone you meet or how they are client for someone you know. Without a wider and larger vision, they will struggle and most likely fail.

This includes learning to see how to do business in a new way or opportunity that is not "normal".   Build Leaders is partnering to bring Silicone Valley companies here.  They have pitched the City of Riverside about partnering with Vegas and possibly Phoenix. To get involved would mean access to these companies and to expand their business beyond their 20 mile radius.

Katherine Matley, Founder of Build Leaders has started up 14 companies herself not to mention been on the start-up, turn-around and reorganization teams for numerous companies from Fortune 5 to new tech.  Each of her companies were successful and met their goals in their own right.  Some were sold, some were given away and the largest, a multi-million dollar company born out of a one year non-compete with a lawsuit on her head, she did not sell and saw it crash during the dot com melt down.   Quite a lesson not to hold on too hard or allow outsider's fears to influence your judgement.  She has owned franchises, created a product that took 5 years to be ready for market and the balance were service based companies.  She does know business structure, what it takes to start, grow and turn-around a business. Even when she attends sales training, she realized most have never relied on 100% commission without a net.  She believes that even her Sales: Easy, Fast, DONE! process program might be of benefit to supplement what others teach.  It was a solution to improve corporate sales teams and increase their accountability and time management skills.

“Lack of great Vision will keep people small and struggling.  There are so many clients they just need to see it, know it and go after it.  Staying in their little safe place is not walking in destiny.   If they don't wake up with Intrepidation with trepidation (can be considered fear by some) because they are pressing themselves beyond their experience and their comfort zone, they are not are growing their company but killing it.

To be a real business person, they need to care about other people's businesses and champion them too.  When others grow, they grow too. The wider the contact net and the more champions they have on their side, the greater the opportunities and growth. You cannot beat the amount of business and status in the business world that word of mouth brings.  Many champions will not be a business that is like-kind and they will need to leave the comfort of Temecula.  This includes getting involved with events and learning how to network effectively to find the one or two diamonds at each event.  They need to learn how to evaluate quickly the champion potential and move on if it lacks Return on Investment.  Many are not business mature enough to assist another.  They wish but do not will to be.  If they sit back and wait for others, they will not have the access to people who can and will change their lives and expand their business. They need to expand out of SW Riverside networks only and bring back people to your networks from outside. If they do not diversify, they will die before that region's businesses grow. So, people who "don't get it" is very concerning.  It needs to change between their ears”.

Each person must decide if they will remain hobbyist or stretch to be serious about business.  Build Leaders offers  the opportunity to meet people who are creating companies, have massively growing companies that will pay for your services while learning how to create and grow a company.  Our vision for them is bigger than they have for themselves.

If you wish to speak about how to grow business, see the opportunities, connect with efficiency and renew a mind to prepare for unlimited growth, it might be a better topic. You need to direct your passion and efforts. If you cannot see a benefit and are not willing to drive to diversify your contacts,  You are small hobby business and will never make the leap as the region's business community does grow.

On our side, we are not only pitching business region connections but recruiting new software development to stay and grow in the region. Our non-profit is STEM program for lower income areas to teach kids how fun it is to put together Raspberry Pi and learn easy, fun game programming. Who knows, maybe we can change a few lives in the poverty areas and entice them to finish school and go to college?

I realize you have no idea how much we have change and how much we are investing now into the IE to business match (what our Summits are now), recruit new business and change the future of younger generations.

For you to obtain any benefit from our Summits, you need to be prepared to be real business people and you’re your mind to new ways of doing business and seeing new opportunities in strange places.  Emerging markets require creativity and innovative thinking. Hence, our panel is who they are. Air flight is not new for business but flat rate, all you can fly on corporate jets with concierge service and drive up to the plane with no TSA, that is awesome at their rates. Connect with the Silicone Valley (even your training companies) and be back for dinner with the family. Amro knows crowd funding and investor funding on a large scale as well as taking inventions out of UCR and creating viable companies with international appeal. He also has taken business through IPO. The others are just as interesting.

I think you will find what we are doing more exciting and worth your time too. We are pressing to get people excited and become part of the change to grow business. It is an attitude of " I can't wait to get going" and of endless possibilities each morning when they awake. When people are around others that are that excited about business and the opportunities, it is just like the flu or fear, it is easily caught and passed on which encourages others.

Some will get it and some will be too afraid to change or challenge themselves. It is sad when people say "I wish I had worked for Microsoft or Amazon in the early days" for their stock. The truth since I worked with those two little companies placing people at the beginning was that most did not want to work the hours or take the $2/hr pay cut in trade for the stock. Two years later, they wished they had. Even the AP clerks were multimillionaires with their stock. You cannot save them all nor can you help those who will not help themselves. But, we can give them the chance.


Katherine Matley, Founder of Build Leaders Organization