You Gotta Believe

Recently, I was asked to enter into a visioning process (yes, I too have a coach on my team) to consider what my life and my business will look like in ten years.  You’ve probably done this before yourself.  You were asked to look into the future and imagine your ideal life – ideal job, ideal home, ideal relationships, ideal money – your ideal life.  Now, I too have done this over the years and even asked my clients (business and personal) to do the same.  I’ve even had them create vision boards and had them share their vision with others who care about them to add an accountability measure.  It’s a great, and I believe necessary, but…

But, you have got to believe your vision is possible.  Without that belief, it is simply another futile exercise that leaves you feeling worse than when you began.  Not only is life currently unfulfilling and painful, now you get to look at everything you’re going to miss out on when you fail to follow through again because you didn’t believe it was possible to begin with.

And please do not give that “you gotta fake it ‘til you make” – that’s bullshit!  The universe knows when you believe in yourself and when you don’t, and responds accordingly.  It is not until we believe fully in our ability to create that we actually begin to create.

You might ask, “How then, Robb, do I get what I want in life and live the life I think I deserve to live if I already don’t believe it’s possible?”  My response then is to start small.  Stop going in with the idea you’re going to make a million dollars your first year when you’ve never made more than $30,000 in a year.  Shoot for $50,000 your first year, and then build on that.  You notice I didn’t suggest you be or end small, but rather start with something you can believe in, make it happen, and believe a little bigger the next round.

But you must to start with “I believe!”