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The ability to successfully negotiate can make an enormous difference in a person’s quality of life.  That may sound like hyperbole, but the reality is that effective negotiating is one of the most significant skills required. Negotiating a higher salary or commission is probably the most obvious issue directly affecting a person’s quality of life. But negotiation is required of us daily, whether we recognize it or not. Besides the readily apparent times we are thrust into negotiations, such as purchasing a car or house, we regularly negotiate in an effort to achieve our desired outcomes on many situations.

Negotiation is at the core for every function of running a business including recruitment and hiring, purchasing supplies, vendor service contracts, sales, marketing, strategic planning, office leases and financing. Negotiation is done outside of business as well, and is in fact used to decide on vacation destinations, home and automobile purchases, which show to watch, where to eat and any other of the many decisions we make daily which involve the input, opinions and participation of others.

If negotiating is at the center of so much of our lives, both in business and at home, why are we not taught how to effectively negotiate as part of our regular course of study? Why are most of us so unprepared to negotiate when we need to? Why are there so few resources to help us learn how to negotiate? Why are most of us so unaware that we are actually negotiating daily in our regular interactions with other, leading us to negotiate poorly simply by not knowing that conversation we just had was a negotiation? And, why are so many people confused as to what negotiation actually is and is not?

S.T.R.O.N.G. Negotiating Skills will equip you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to effectively achieve mutually beneficial outcomes out of negotiations for both major purchases and daily decisions using a collaborative approach. Never be the underdog in a negotiation again.

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